Hi, I'm Philly and I have a weird name.

WARNING: This blog contains: Some British performers who earn by pretending they're French and also sing a bit; also some ghost who isn't really a ghost but kidnaps a young girl and teaches her the music of the night, he also teaches her to sing; Offensive Mormon Bashing musicals; Jon Richardson Appreciation; Occasional appearances from some bloke who calls himself a Timelord and another who uses the science of deduction to solve crimes. Oh and some singing pirates. And this barber who slits throats. And the occasional organ repossession rock opera. And transvestite musicals. Yep. Occasional appearances from: Andrew Rannell's face, Game of Thrones, Cumberbatch, Robert Downey Jr, and butts.

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    I need to stop commenting, because it’s all just ridiculous, happy sounds.
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    Ahhh, memories. When I was in middle school and had to make protective covers for my textbooks, I had a full version of...
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